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Cheap Kids Toys in Pakistan Rs 180 per KG with Mobile No

Are you finding Cheap Kids Toys in Pakistan? Here is one of happy news for the small business holders. If you are owner of a gift shop or have dealt with toys and gift items, read this article till its end. Hopefully, it will lead & enhance your daily business to its peak value.

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We are announcing here news regarding amazing deal of kids toys. Yes, kids toys @ Rs. 180/KG is available in major cities of Pakistan. The prices of kids toys varies with respect to its quality and its make & model. Like only plastic molded kids toys are available in just Rs. 130 per 1000 Gram. Similarly, toys have sound & music are just available in Rs. 180. Moreover, you may also purchase the automatic small kids toys in 350 per 1000 gram. These prices may vary time to time. For latest price, contact on mobile # i.e 03484534767.

How to buy Cheap Kids Toys in Pakistan

Here is the list we have found best of our knowledge. See the details of kids toys available in Pakistan. Cities names are also mentioned.  

Plastic Molded Cheap Kids Toys in Pakistan (Rs 130 – 180)

As stated above, only plastic or rubber formulated (designed) kids toys are available in Rs. 130 to Rs. 180. These kind of toys may easily sale @ Rs. 100 to 120 PKR / piece. Approximately, 25 to 30 pieces are covered 1000 gram of weight. Analyze the earning profit of your small business. Your purchasing amount was just Rs. 150, whereas the earning amount will be 25×100 = Rs. 2500. Call on mobile # 03484534767 for further inquiry. 

Sound & Music Cheap Kids Toys in Pakistan (Rs 180)

Normally, kids want to toys which have the sound and music function. Different colored LED lights attract the kids interest. Parents also fell happy while purchasing the music toys.  This is because their kids engaged more time with toys with respect to simple plastic molded toys. You may call on mobile # 03484534767 for further inquiry

Music & sound enabled toys may easily sale @ 200/piece. Whereas, its initial cost was only 180 per 1000 Grams. 15 pieces in 1000 grams may easily found. Now, time to calculate its earning profit i,e 15×200 = 3000 PKR.   

Electronic Kids Toys in Pakistan (Rs 350)

Electronically operated toys have its own attraction. Don’t see its higher initial cost. Earning profit will be double or triple with respect to plastic molded or music toys. 350 PKR is not so higher value and you got 10 piece of highly electrically operated toys in 1000 gram of weight. Sale one piece @ 400 PKR and got earned Rs. 4000 Pkr easily. For further inquiry, call on mobile # 03484534767.

Robo Cars & Wireless Kids Toys in Pakistan (Rs 799)

Fully electromagnetically manufactured toys have expensive prices in local market. However, through dealing with above, you have to found 05 to 07 piece per 1000 grams. Initially cost is just Rs. 799. Whereas, these toys will be sale out @ 1200 Pkr / piece easily.  

Online shopping of kids toys in Pakistan

here you can find variety of new kids toys and also shop easily. It will be available to your doorstep, once you have ordered perfectly.






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