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Fatty Liver Diet, Tips and Food with Desi Treatment

Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease symptoms are less hunger, weight loss, abdominal pain, body weakness, Fatigue. Failing of timely liver treatment may lead Jaundice. Also liver becomes enlarged in size. Sometimes abnormal bleeding also happens in case of Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Symptoms 

The liver is the second largest and solid body of our body, weighing between 1 and a half kilograms – the liver is on the right side of the abdomen and behind the ribs – the liver transforms all the foods we eat into energy. While this energy is very important to our body.
The liver depends on all the forces in the liver due to impairment of the blood and due to the failure to fully reach the organs, the body is severely damaged. The liver is a delicate organ that does not tolerate cold and does not have much heat.

Frequent eating poultry diets, excessive consumption of alcohol and lack of exercise causes liver temperature to rise due to various causes such as liver pain due to liver hepatic or contagious diseases.
The liver performs almost two other important functions in the body along with cleansing the blood, causing liver inflammation that affects the health of the human being. Liver inflammation is called hepatitis. Drinking more alcohol or different types of poisoning can be contagious, but the disease is usually infected with a virus.

Scientists have discovered five viruses that they think the disease can cause. There are three more viruses that can cause the disease – in most cases, when the virus enters the body. So the body’s defense system competes on its own and most people recover automatically. But there are some people who cannot cope with these germs for some reason. Initially no signs of the disease appear. When the symptoms appear, the disease has progressed considerably.

Here we categorized nonalcoholic fatty liver symptoms in to two stages.

Initial nonalcoholic fatty liver disease symptoms

Initially, patient suffered from nonalcoholic fatty liver disease have less hunger, weight loss, abdominal pain, physical & body weakness, fatigue. Early stage fatty liver is diagnosed when liver cells contains fat more than 5 percent. Stage 1 can also be diagnosed by finding small samples taken from the liver under the microscope. Ultrasounds, CT scans, and MRI scans can also help evaluate the fat content of the liver.

Later nonalcoholic fatty liver disease symptoms

Later stage in which patient suffered from nonalcoholic fatty liver have Jaundice, Hepatitis (B & C), Liver enlarging, abnormal bleeding.

What is Fatty Liver?

Our liver is a second largest part in body. Variety of functions will be done by liver. Fatty liver is also known as hepatic steatosis. In such condition of liver, fats buildup in the liver in small amounts initially. After improper cure, large amounts of fat buildup in liver become a health problem.

Alcoholic & Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease

Both the diseases are diagnosed when more than 5 percent of the liver is fat. However, we can differentiate alcoholic disease & nonalcoholic fatty liver by analysis of disease causes.

When our liver has difficulty breaking down fats (cause is not alcoholic), it is known as nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). Similarly, if the cause behind the fatty liver is alcoholic (Drinking of alcohol), it’s known as Alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Treatment of Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease

Good news regarding treatment of our liver is that a automatically repairing system has gifted us. The liver repairs itself by rebuilding new liver cells once the old cells become damaged. However, with alcoholic disease caused, the liver is being damage repeatedly. Permanent scarring takes place in such cases (known as Cirrhosis).

Medical research is ongoing into medications which may help in order to treat fatty liver. Doctors suggest you to increase physical activity as well as eliminate unhealthy eating habit. Reducing the calories quantity may help you to lose weight and heal your liver properly. Read here, what are the Properly muscle weakness treatment. In figure, you have to find treatment for nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

Desi Treatment for Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver

What to eat by its patient? here are complete diet plan for fatty liver. The patient should be completely rested in a relatively clean room. The patient should give up all kinds of mental and physical exertion and rest completely. Secondly, in the morning, wash a good portion of carrot with clean water and crush one teaspoon of fennel above the skins and add 5 cups of cardamom to a cup of water. Filter and drink some sugar. Drink this fennel cardamom tea three times a day. The third strategy is to grind the pumpkin or any kind of pumpkin and cook the broth.

As a spice, add coriander ‘white sauce’ ginger, black pepper ‘light salt’ garlic. Do not add red or green chilies or hot spices of any kind, or sours. Drink the broth just enough to fill the stomach with it. It is best to spend a day or two on it. However, fruits can be eaten with pomegranate, banana ‘melon’ watermelon etc. but do not eat any kind of cereal. If you Feel no hunger, try this remedy to increase hunger (appetite) in few days. Then after a couple of days, hunger pangs can be eaten with rice, mulberry, carrots, kheri, gourd and ghee cooked without hot spices.

Useful Tips for Fatty Liver

If you feel weak then eat pure honey along with diet. Wherever the papaya is available, the papaya can also be eaten and if the grape season is washed with clean water, the grapes can also be eaten. Do not use glucose etc. With these measures, the jaundice immediately begins to appear and most patients begin to feel well. The obvious symptoms are the eyes and urine fading. Blood reports also begin to appear normal.

  1. Extract the juice of the radish leaves ‘one pound a day for the young man’, add the indigenous sugar in it so that it is sweet and use at the same time. Use only seven consecutive days.
  2. Soak Arjun’s leaves in the pot in the evening. Check in together in the morning. Then soak in the morning and drink in the evening. Use this recipe for 21 consecutive days.
  3. Drink the milk of people’s seeds in the cold ‘yellow is very useful for jaundice.
  4. Take one pound of fenugreek (not fenugreek) and one powdered cardamom. Combine the two together. Use one teaspoon morning and one teaspoon evening milk.

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