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Foot Massage Benefits – Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

Foot Massage Benefits – Chinese foot reflexology benefits for cure of numerous diseases are being considered. Here foot massage chart is given in below. Diabetes (blood Sugar), Migraine, Kidney failure, High blood pressure are the diseases being cured by Foot Massage.

Foot reflexology is also helpful in early stage of cancer. Apply the pressure on specific point of foot. Likewise, Lose of weight is also possible with foot massage.  Some of the following benefits are listed below;

Migraine Cure Point in Foot Massage Benefits

High Blood Pressure Treatment Point in Foot Massage Benefits

Lower high blood pressure is essentially required when systolic blood pressure & diastolic blood pressure getting high.The normal blood pressure range is 120/80. There are several ways to achive ideal or good blood pressure. However, if you are facing high blood pressure, then look into your diet plan, daily routine life, etc. These two factors are the basic causes high blood pressure. Age is another cause of high blood pressure. Similarly, we never denied genetics family history with respect to lower high blood pressure. Swollen lymph nodes in neck can also be cure able with this technique.

Diabetes Control Point in Foot Massage

To control diabetes effectively, you need to do consistent exercise program that includes cardiovascular routines, resistance or weight training and flexibility training at least four days per week. Working out this routine makes your body more sensitive with respect to insulin. This means that glucose is able to get down to the very cell level where it can be used for needed energy or be stored.

Diabetes foot and wound care is essential to treat on its initial stage. Sometimes wound get by stubbing your toe, getting blister from tight shoes or nick your chin. If you have diabetes, don’t ignore about diabetic foot wound. 

Cancer Treatment Point in Foot Massage

How common is stomach cancer? 01 Out of every 17 Americans are suffered with the Gastric Cancer. Stomach cancer and gastric tumor are also known as gastric cancer. Gastric cancer Gastric cancer is a disease in which cancer cells (malignant) form in the lining of the stomach. 

Oral Cancer is defined as Uncontrollable growth of cells in mouth. The uncontrollable growths of these cells invade and cause damage to surrounding tissue. Initially, oral cancer diagnosed with symptoms such as mouth swelling, growth of speckled (white and red) patches, bleeding sores and hurdles while chewing or eating.

Free Cancer Treatment (prostate cancer, oral cancer, lungs cancer, skin cancer) is being provided in Pakistan now. Recently, a cyber knife robotic system have been installed at Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Center (J.P.M.C) Karachi for free cancer treatment. 

Lose of weight Specific Point in Foot Massage

Low Carb Diet will help losing weight fast just in one month. Low Carb Diet is most successful way to lose weight. You actually no need for any type of weight loss surgery. Fat person will search about how to lose weight diet on web. 

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