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How I Increase Hunger & Gain Weight in One Month

Fee no hunger, try this remedy to increase hunger (appetite) in few days. Grandma remedies are really effective especially when your stomach has digestive disorders. Stomach is one of the main organ in our body that play an important role. The main work of stomach is to receive the meal thereafter digest it properly with the help of digestive materials. Failing which, supplies of important / essential vitamins are affected. Resultant, human body get weaker and also face issues like under weighting etc.  

Use full Tips to Increase Hunger

Here in following, some useful tips are described to increase your hunger;

Drink Water before Every Meal

Make your habit to drink water (as you can) before half hour of meal. This will cleanup your stomach and makes it ready for the digestion process.

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Exercise before a Meal

Nothing is better than exercise. Daily exercise will burns extra fats and make your stomach healthy. Healthy stomach also digests meal in fewer time frames. So, make routine of exercise for having a healthy stomach.

Take Green Tea

Green tea has ability to accelerate digestive process of stomach. Taking green tea early in morning will also clean up your stomach from un-necessary fats or carob-hydrates. These things may get stomach health disordering at later stage.

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Eat some Ginger

Eating of ginger with meal is helpful in digestion. Add a little bit ginger with your meal and stay your stomach healthy.

After Increase Hunger, Gain Your Weight

After following above steps, you will be able to follow the following few tips in order to gain weight.

Eat More Protein / Healthful Fats

When you got hunger and find your stomach be working efficiently, ear more protein diet. Include some of diet containing rich with proteins. Gain weight easily with any health disordering.

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Eat More High-Fiber Foods

As like first tip, you can also include the diet with higher fiber level. Foods are not bad or not disturbing your stomach. Fiber rich foods help you to gain weight in next few couple of days.

Switch to Dark Chocolate

Through recent search, it was declared that eating chocolate (Dark) will helpful in gain of weight. Chocolates have ability to increase hunger and gain weight in few days.

Eat bulky, Low-Calorie Foods

Low calorie foods make you energetic instead of eat high calorie foods. Eat bulky, low calorie foods will definitely helps to look younger and healthful at any stage of life.

Remedy to Increase Hunger

Take the following 12 ingredients (easily available in local market).

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Now grind the entire ingredients well and take half tablespoon after every meal. Your stomach will work perfect after using this remedy.

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