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How to Reduce Electricity Bill Legally – Cut Electric Bill

You can reduce electricity bill upto 75% lower by use of 3 ways. If you want to cut electric bill upto 90%, follow or apply more than one method in the same time.  Through these efficient tips. you may able to save electricity consumption upto 50% to 90% easily. 3 ways to reduce electricity bill are;

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Methods to Reduce Electricity Bill

Load Control Program with Discount

Products Consume Less Energy / Power

Products Consume Less Energy / Power

Methods of Electricity Saving

The following method should apply in order to save electricity. There are several methods through by implementing which we can save electricity. The following are some methods of saving electricity;

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Stoppage of Energy Leakage

It has been observed that a number of kilowatts or energy losses were only happened due to plugin of electronic devices. It is known as energy leaks. Try to unplug all the electronically and electrically operated instruments. You can save a number of watts due to stoppage of energy leakage.

Out Door Time

Some of us spend their more time indoor and avoid outdoor activities. Activities being outside the home are helpful in order to save electricity. Be happy to spend your extra time in garden and welcome fresh breeze in open air.

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Keep Closed Doors & Windows In Day Time

Temperature comes from the outside by sun rays. In other words, your room temperature will be increased or high, when windows or doors of your rooms remained opened. Close the blinds, storm windows during the day time.

Low Power Fans

Here one another thing by implanting you can save electricity i.e Use of low power Fans instead of High Power Air Condition. This step will definitely save hundreds of killowatts and cause to reduce electricity bill.

Cooling Efficiency

Whenever you use Air condition or fans and get down the room temperature to lower range, don’t open the room door. Act of opening the door will raise room temperature again. Cooling efficiency will gradually down and increase electricity consumption.

Avoid use electricity in Peak Hours

In Pakistan, electricity bills were estimated or prepared with 02 different ways. Peak hours are those in which prices of energy kill-watts are higher. Just use the electricity during off-peak hours. Best cause to reduce electricity bill.

Load Control for Reduce Electricity Bill

In each electric company, there are discount packages are available. Owners of different organizations make special deals with electricity suppliers. Power banks are also gifted or purchased in order to reduce electricity bill legally.

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Get Power Banks (Capacitor Banks)

Make a deal with electricity supplier and get power banks (capacitor banks). These banks will lower cost of electricity consumption. Actually capacitor or power bank make the lagging power factor to unity. Hundreds of electricity watts may be saved through capacitor banks.

Deal with Electricity Supplier

While purchasing accessories like capacitor banks, transformers, frequency balancer, deal with your supplier to rebate the electricity charges as well. At the time of purchasing of maximum equipment, supplier will not refuse your application to reduce electricity bill.

Load Control Methods

Except power or capacitor banks, electricity companies also introduce new load control programs time to time. Participate in these control methods and get low budget control method with high efficiency.

Products That Reduce Electricity Bill

Tungsten wire bulb consumes more watts as compared with LED bulb. In result, consumption of more electric power due to this.

Use LED Bulbs Instead of Tungsten Wired Bulb

As stated above, try to replace the entire tungsten wired bulb with LED bulbs. A huge amount will be saved with this step.

Energy Efficiency of Electronic Appliances

At the time to buy electrical / electronic appliances, never overlook about its working efficiency. For example, 02 LED lights are required in 01 room. Each light consume 25 watts and provides 300 Lumens. On the other hand, 01 another LED is available in market which can provide 600 Lumens and consume only 40 watts. You can save up to 10 watts. So, always choose efficient product while purchasing.

Weak Insulation

Weak insulation of electrical accessories as well its wiring may raise voltage drop. Voltage drops rapidly increase the consumption of power. So, choose wires which have good quality insulation.

Green Plants & Shady Trees in Home

Shades itself decrease the temperature down. However, if you have a garden outside your home, make it greener with plants & shady trees. About 05 to 08 degree temperature will be lower with this step.

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